Toutes Directions

by Tobion

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Toutes directions is a collection of 4 songs by Tobion. Released as a limited edition of 30 free cassette tapes, to accompany the first 30 CD hard copies sold, of Tobion's "Facing the North Star" EP.
It features alternative, live looped versions of "Kinsmen" and "John Bayley", from rehearsals. Also recordings of "Mountain Song" and "Vinegar Wine". Both recorded at Tobion's house in Bristol.


released September 1, 2013

Tobion - Vocals, Guitar, Loops



all rights reserved


Tobion Garway Hill, UK

Bardic Folk Rage from the Black Mountains, and Herefordshire borders.
Distinctive bass voice and nylon stringed
classical guitar, with live looping and effects.

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Track Name: Vinegar Wine
Her on a balcony
Comedy departed
Did she fall as I fell?
No, on her own they said

Last words she wrote to me
I no longer remember
Forgotten in my old house
Skin a snake shall shed

Empty the song, pour the song
to soil
Vinegar wine
Tributary streams to rivers belong
to sea
Vinegar wine
All of time forever, all of time I'll never Know

I listen, but I do not hear
Watch, but do not see
Notice no taste on my tongue
Touch, but do not feel

Turn of a century
Witness at a window
I wait here in silence
For nothing.... For now
Track Name: Mountain Song
I became less self assured
when the hood was lifted.
As my world expands. surrounded.
I became less gifted.
Built myself a tower.
Withdrew within its rise.
Til lofty turrets. twilight glow
came tumbling.

Soar to statues of cinder and flame.

At peace with all I long for this.
Though I rush, I clutch, I reach.
A stillness sometimes swells I'm stone.
How I did not reckon on
a life filled with regret.
If my purpose should exist.
I have not found it.

All rise.
All eyes.
All lies.
Track Name: Kinsmen
Were you in two places?
Crawling on all fours.
Doors conceal the face of...
Crowd swarm.
They had us surrounded.
All the King's horses.
All your kinsmen.
Driven like cattle
into the fold

On your knees.
You know there must be more.
Stand up
Its time

I won't breathe a word.
Your secret is saved.
Free men they must choose
from paths already paved.
They had us impounded.
Long before we did arrive.
Follow the piper.
Don't be afraid
Track Name: John Bayley
There's a darkness inside me John Bayley.
Maybe you could see that too.
Guilt edged little secrets untold.
I know you knew.
You spoke to yourself in the garden.
Told me the neighbours were here.
Judged by no earthly consequence,
Paralysed with fear.
Do you bear witness John Bayley?
Each mortal man a battleground.
Painting with nothing but whispers.
Carry my head well in a cage through the town.
Soul splayed open a murky parade.
I saw for myself all that I had made.
Maybe rainbow flowers shall spawn from my waste.
On the tines of a tongue.
In a time misplaced